About Soundtrace

Our founding team's vision is to revolutionize hearing conservation and prevent hearing loss at an earlier stage. We're committed to bringing about a positive change and making a meaningful impact in people's lives.

The Goals We're Focused on Achieving

As the #1 occupational injury in the world, hearing loss can lead to a range of complications, from dementia to depression and heart disease. At Soundtrace, we're committed to preventing hearing loss and helping people live healthier lives. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions and empower individuals to protect their hearing and overall well-being

Reduce hearing loss in society
Improve quality of life for workers
Leader in innovative solutions

Our Audiologists in Workplace Health

75+ Audiologists in 50 States

At Soundtrace, our mission is to prevent recordable injuries caused by hearing loss. Our nationwide network of audiologists plays a crucial role in supporting employees of our customers, ensuring their well-being and preventing workplace incidents.

Dr. Subinoy Das - Chief Medical Officer


The Values That Drive Our Team

Trust & Integrity

Our business is built with these core principles in mind.

Customer First

We are here to serve our customers and their teams.


Constant innovation allows us to deliver the best experience.


We are a partner that you can rely on for your every need.


The world is ever changing, and so are we!


Everyone has a unique perspective and experience.

Streamline your hearing conservation program

At Soundtrace, we understand the challenges of managing a hearing conservation program. We've been there ourselves and know there's a better way.

Say goodbye to juggling multiple vendors and dealing with incompatible systems – Soundtrace offers an all-in-one solution for your hearing conservation needs.

Smart noise monitoring
Simplified audiogram testing
Automated recordkeeping
"Safe companies look for hazards routinely, not every few years. Imagine what hazards would go unrecognized if you waited that long? Noise levels should not be left unchecked for years"

Jeff Carpenter | Certified Industrial Hygienist & Former OSHA Officer

What is Soundtrace?

We are on a mission to prevent occupational hearing loss and with better data, we believe we can accomplish it.

By collecting and analyzing previously uncollected data, we aim to revolutionize the way occupational hearing loss is identified and mitigated.

Since our establishment in 2021, we have remained dedicated in our commitment to fostering safer and healthier work environments for all.

Hear it from our customers

Maria, EHS Manager
With Soundtrace, we were able to gather more accurate and up-to-date noise level data in our facilities in just a week than we could have with traditional noise meters in a year.
Michelle, EHS Manager
We purchased Soundtrace’s Intelligent employee noise monitoring solution because it aligns with our Safety Culture. Soundtrace is a cutting edge and pro-active solution that goes beyond just compliance to better protect employees from hearing loss.

Simplify the way you manage hearing conservation